Heritage Mobile Catalog App Reviews

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App no longer works

Wish they would use this app at Heritage and see it no longer works....I mean come on people!

App broken

App freezes anytime you try to view a downloaded auction. Worked prior to ios8.

Needs to be updated for iOS 8 so it works

Title says it all.

Broken in iOS 8

Can download, but no longer view auctions.

Gets The Job Done … A -

[Grade = A -] … A bit simple and slightly buggy but this app works for what it is needed for...includes high resolution images of items available for auction and includes interface for placing bids on all upcoming events for Heritage Auctions...

Search doesn't work. Do the app is useless.

Useless because search doesn't work

Nice idea, too bad it does little or nothing

I searched for several artists and makers who I know have been sold by Heritage, but each time the search of past auctions netted nothing. I wish this app did something. It was free, so no regrets about throwing away.

Great app

This is an easier way to quickly view auctions and scan through a catalogue. You can zoom in and even bid. Great app - keep up the good work Heritage, apps are the future of your business!

Nothing to see, move along

Useless, disappointing, shockingly bad. It appears to be a PDF downloader, but even that is not pulled off successfully. Heritage Auctions has the BEST Auction Web Site/Services available. This 'App' is a complete embarrassment to the Heritage brand. Someone should be fired. Hire a software engineer that's also a collector, and apologize to your customers for this POS.

Great for airplanes

The offline mode is what makes this app.

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